Coffee Talk

I love to travel. I think one of the best things about traveling is having the opportunity to discover new and interesting restaurants and cafés. Two of my favorite places to visit are bakeries and coffee shops and I look for unique places wherever I go. They vary so much from town to town and it’s fun to see what each one has to offer. Many independently owned establishments have a local flavor and charm that you won’t find in a larger chain.

Coffee Talk in Stone Harbor, New Jersey is one of my favorite coffee shops. It’s been around for 17 years and is still the best place in this quaint little beach town to grab a great cup of coffee, a light breakfast and perhaps some conversation with the locals. On certain days you might find a new artist performing at the cafe. In fact Taylor Swift spent many summers in Stone Harbor with her family and played acoustic shows at Coffee Talk. Dave Matthews has also been a visitor at Coffee Talk. It’s a special place to a lot of people.

The atmosphere in Coffee Talk is very welcoming. The décor is eclectic and the café has tables and chairs, and cozy couches, offering a comfortable place to dine or relax and unwind. Free Wi-Fi is available for those who would like to access the internet, always a good thing.

I love how the walls are covered in old newspapers. There are so many interesting things everywhere you turn. You really need to stop and look around to fully appreciate the great interior of this cute little place.

The owner of Coffee Talk, Madlynn Zurawski, and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable and on the ball.  They are ready to greet the crowd when the doors open and they have a great system for ordering and pick-up, including a quick serve station right inside the door for those who just want to grab their coffee and run. For those with a passion for flavor, Coffee Talk has a wonderful variety of infused coffee beans for delicious flavored coffees like Bananas Foster and Sugar Cookie. Of course if you are a latte lover like I am, there are all of those drinks too!  My go-to is a small sugar free vanilla latte with a double shot. I call it my morning power dose.

Everyone has favorite places. Whether they are in your own town or in your favorite vacation spot, they are the places where traditions start and places that become part of your favorite memories. I have a handful of favorites in Stone Harbor and Coffee Talk is one of them.  Maybe it’s being at the beach and coffee just tastes better there. Or maybe it’s just that it’s a comfortable place with the perfect atmosphere to chill out. Whatever it is, Coffee Talk is one of those feel good places that for some reason I look forward to visiting. So if you are ever in Stone Harbor, visit Coffee Talk. You’ll be glad you did!

visit Coffee Talk ~ 299 97th St ~ Stone Harbor, NJ 08247 ~ 609-368-5282



Photos by Leslie Reese