Favorite Things


True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. And the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.   Audrey Hepburn

Beauty means something different to each of us. I believe that true beauty is living well. It's a delicate balance of taking care of your body, your mind and your spirit. Some of the most beautiful women I know seem to have mastered this art. I am reminded of this each day as I read one of my favorite books, Younger by the Day, by Victoria Moran. It's a daily dose of  inspirational words and affirmation as well as diet and exercise advice for living a healthier life. It makes you realize that self care is important. How you take care of yourself says so much about you. And that doesn't mean labels and price tags. It's about putting your best face forward and taking care of all of you. Inside and out. Paying attention to little things. It's something we all deserve. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite ways to live well. Happy Friday!

Younger-by-the-DayYounger by the Day ~ by Victoria Moran. Start with the inside each day. A fabulous book that I highly recommend.

See-the-beauty (426x640)Wooden Sign, see the beauty in everything, from Words To Live By Signs. A simple but powerful reminder that there is beauty all around us.

yoga (274x640)I love yoga but sometimes class schedules don't work for me. Mind Body Green is a great resource for doing things at home.


compimg1_breakfast_wk1_vertWhole Living is another great resource if you want to get healthy. Their 2012 Whole Living Action Plan caught my attention last year and is great if you like to have a plan.

Chocolate-Dipped-Berries-with-Sprinkles3I refuse to live without chocolate.  Chocolate Dipped Fruit on a Stick from Family Fresh Cooking is a great way to have the best of both worlds. Just enough chocolate to satisfy a craving and zero guilt.

I hope you are off to a happy and healthy start in 2013! Have a fabulous weekend!

Leslie xo