Favorite Things

Social Media the ability to connectSocial Media is all the rage these days. From Facebook to Pinterest there are apps connecting us to people all over the world and we're sharing anything from recipes to photos and everything in between. I'm a people person and I love that there are so many ways to meet new people and stay in touch with old friends. But there are limits. How much is too much? How much time do you spend scrolling through Twitter or hanging out on Facebook? I don't spend a lot of time in any one place but I do have a few favorites. I like gathering information and sharing my ideas. I have one rule for myself; keep it positive. If you share positive information you receive positive feedback. And if you spend your time wisely, social media can be beneficial as well as a lot of fun. Here are a few of my favorite sites. Happy Friday!

Social Media InstagramInstagram

Instagram is a place where you share photos. You can follow businesses, friends, blogs etc. I love to see how creative people can be with their photos.

Social Media PinterestPinterest

Pinterest is a place where you create digital inspiration boards. You can gather your favorite photos and ideas from different websites and put them on boards that you categorize and save. I love Pinterest!

Social Media SeesawSeesaw

Co-founded by my rock-star brother-in-law, Jesse Engle, Seesaw is a place where you can get help making decisions by posting photos and asking for opinions. Maybe you need help choosing a dress to wear, shoes to buy,  or recipe to make. Just ask and people answer. Seesaw is addicting and a lot of fun!

Social Media TwitterTwitter

I love Twitter. There are so many interesting people on Twitter and the opportunity to learn and grow is huge. If you follow the right people it's amazing who you can meet. I found my graphic designer for my blog on Twitter. She's from Alaska! I also met my friend Melissa from Best Friends for Frosting on Twitter. It's a great place to connect!

Social Media Vine


Vine is a fun app for sharing short videos. I'm not sure how much I will use this but it's been interesting to see what people are posting. Some businesses post really cool videos. Others not so much. It has been fun to explore but we'll see if I stick with it.

Social Media FacebookFacebook

I don't know many people who aren't on Facebook. I resisted for a long time and when I finally tried it, I realized it was a great way to connect with people you don't get a chance to see often. I have a personal page to connect with family and friends and a business page to share blog posts and other fun stuff. I spend a limited amount of time here but it's a great way to stay connected!

So those are a few of the social media sites where you might find me hanging out. Stop by and say hi. I'd love to connect with you.

Have a great weekend!

Leslie xo