Marble Cheese Board DIY

Marble Cheese Board DIY via Leslie Reese (640x419)A couple of weeks ago I shared a simple cheese board idea with you. I used an old cutting board, covered it with brown paper and added some of my favorite foods. It was quick and easy and made a perfect happy hour display. Today I thought I would show you how you can make your own cheese board using a piece of marble tile. It's ridiculously easy to do and very inexpensive. I don't think I spent more than ten dollars on this project!

Marble Cheese Board DIYI went to Home Depot and picked up a 12 x 12 piece of white marble tile in the flooring department for $3.99. I cleaned both sides of the tile with a product I use on my granite kitchen counters. You can use soap and water or anything that is safe for marble. The point is to get all of the powder and dirt off of the tile before you use it.

Marble Cheese Board DIY via Leslie ReeseI also bought a pack of 1 1/2 " heavy duty felt pad circles with adhesive backs at Home Depot. They cost $2.67.

Marble Cheese Board DIY via Leslie Reese Place a felt pad, sticky side down, in each corner, on the rough side of the tile.

Marble Cheese Board DIY via Leslie ReeseThe felt pads will keep the tile from scratching tables and counters and will also give the tile a little lift so it's easier to pick up.

Marble Cheese Board DIY via Leslie ReeseFlip the tile over and it's ready to use. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth or soap and water before you place any food on it. You can label your cheeses with a dry erase marker*. It will wipe right off when you are done! It's a little variation from the slate and chalk cheese boards that are so popular.

Marble Cheese Board DIY via Leslie ReeseThat's it! You now have a marble cheese board to serve your cheese and crackers and it only cost a few dollars! I can't think of an easier way to make something so useful. I plan to pick up a few more tiles so I can use them for a larger party. I think it would be fun to place them at different levels on a table for an eye catching appetizer display.

Have fun!

Leslie xo

*Please keep in mind that the tile used in this DIY is a simple marble floor tile. Marble is porous and I cannot guarantee that the dry erase marker will not stain any area of the tile. Test a small spot first before proceeding. I had no trouble with my tile staining. I wrote on it and erased repeatedly. Do not submerge tile in water once the felt pads are secured to the tile. Clean surface with soap and water.