Recycled Vintage Jewelry DIY

Vingtage-Jewelry-DIY (6)I love to go antiquing.  It's fun to wander through flea markets and antique shops to see what sort of treasure you can find. There is history attached to each item and the stories some of them tell are probably fascinating. Once in a while, I like to search through the jewelry and pick up different pieces that I can take apart and recreate. It's a great way to add something new to your accessory collection. Occasionally I'll find something valuable but most of the time I'll stick to inexpensive strands of beads that can easily be restrung. During my most recent visit to our local antique shop I found three random necklaces that I took home and turned into nine different bracelets.

imageYou can find cool stuff when you dig around. Some of it is really old and some of it looks like lasts years prom jewelry. Either way someone was finished with it and decided to part with it. You know what they person's junk is another person's treasure. I say, why not buy it cheap and turn it into something new?

Vingtage-Jewelry-DIYI have found everything from strands of vintage garnet beads to really old crystal but on this trip I settled for some old glass beads and a strand of chunky, black plastic beads.

Vingtage-Jewelry-DIY (1)I used my wire cutter to take apart the necklaces and separate the beads. You could also use scissors for necklaces that are made with string, like these were.

Vingtage-Jewelry-DIY (2)

Vingtage-Jewelry-DIY (3)I used 1mm stretch elastic to string the beads into bracelets.

Vingtage-Jewelry-DIY (4)I wanted all of the bracelets to be the same size so I measured each one and made them one inch larger than my wrist size. I made some using the same beads and some with a mix of different beads. I even used the clasp from one of the necklaces. I tied a double knot in the elastic once the bracelets were strung. *Note ~ You can place a dot of jewelry glue or super glue on the knot to secure it. Just be careful you don't glue your fingers (I speak from experience here!).

Vingtage-Jewelry-DIY (5)I now have nine different bracelets that I can stack and wear together or a few at a time with other jewelry. It took me less than an hour! It's a great way to recycle old pieces from your own jewelry box and save some money too! It's also a simple and fun project for kids. Just help them cut the strands and then let them get creative!

Have fun!

Leslie xo