Favorite Things

If you spend any time at all on social media, the days leading up to Thanksgiving were full of conversation about how everyone was celebrating the holiday. Some people had a quiet day planned, and some people had houses that were bursting at the seams with family and friends. Regardless of the size of your gathering, I hope you had a wonderful day. Our day was quiet this year and my favorite part was having all four of my kids together, in one place, at the same time. That is always the perfect day, and for that alone I am grateful. Here are some favorite shots from the day. Happy Friday!

This year we decided to make a brined turkey. It was delicious!

One of the best parts of  Thanksgiving was having my grandson as my little helper. Words cannot describe how much I love this child!

New addition to our menu this year, Green Bean Bundles with Brown Sugar. Amazing!

My little sister's famous pumpkin roll recipe. A must have each year!

FaceTime with my sisters in California. So grateful for this technology! We connected with family members everywhere!

Whether you are spending time with family and friends, shopping or traveling home, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie xo