Favorite Things

favorite-things-stacking-bracelets (640x539) (2)Accessories are such a fun part of getting dressed and what we choose tells so much about us. Each piece adds personality to whatever we wear and helps us create our own individual style. Whether we are wearing jeans or a little black dress, we make a statement with the accessories we choose. Right now the stacking bracelet trend is popular and I am a huge fan! It's given us the green light to dig through our jewelry boxes and pile on our favorite pieces.  I thought I would share some of mine. Happy Friday!

Lucky-Karma-Beads (640x617)I found some fun beaded bracelets at a little shop at the beach that are similar to these Lucky Karma Beads. They are made with beads that represent a different energy or purpose.


One of my all time favorites is this Chan Luu  bracelet that I bought on Gilt. It's made with Jasper, gold chain and leather and was a steal at about half price.  Alexandani

One of my best friends gave me this Starfish Bangle from Alex and Ani. It is my new favorite. Each eco-friendly piece is created to uplift and inspire with a positive message. You can create your own story by collecting and stacking your favorite ones.

Swarovski-Slake-Black-BraceletThis Slake Black Bracelet from Swarovski is a lot of fun. It's one bracelet that gives the illusion of a stack of bracelets. It's unbelievably lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Lucky-Elephant-Wrap-Bracelet (570x437)This leather beaded wrap bracelet from The Lucky Elephant was a gift from my daughter, Lauren. We fell in love with these bracelets because they are beautifully made and fun to wear but also because of what they represent. Apparently an elephant with it's trunk raised up is considered good luck and is known to bring excellent fortune and the power to take away troubles. You can't argue with the power of positive thinking!

These bracelets all mean something different. Whether they were a gift from someone special or a just a great deal, they have a story. What is your jewelry saying about you? It's a fun thing to think about. Have a great weekend!

Leslie xo