Favorite Things

comfort-chicken-soupHomemade chicken noodle soup on a cold or rainy day.

During the winter months, we hear the words "comfort food" a lot. And lately, for some reason, I find myself thinking about what that means. If you look up the word comfort, it means a sense of physical or psychological ease. That makes sense. Eating chocolate certainly puts my mind at ease! Food can be a great source of comfort for most people. It's different for everyone. So what about the other things that represent comfort? It's a word that I have obviously thought about a lot this week so I decided to share my favorite "comfort" things with you today. Happy Friday!

comfort-chocolate-cupcakes (2)Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

Comfort-HugsEvery single hug my grandson gives me. One of the most comforting things in life!

comfort-flowersSpring flowers in the middle of winter. Stone-Harbor-2012 Knowing that the bonds that have been created in our family over the years are being carried through the generations.

comfort-kidsA text from your son that lets you know he got back to school safe and sound.

Sometimes it's the littlest thing that make you feel warm and fuzzy. Whatever it is, it's a great feeling. What are your favorite "comfort" things? Have you thought about it lately?  Have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie xo