Favorite Things

favorite_things_Florida (640x426)This Friday I feel the need to stop and take a moment to be grateful. I have spent the past two weeks in Florida, taking care of my father after a scheduled heart procedure. It was an interesting place to be in life. Even at my age, I am used to being the one to need my dad. He doesn't need me. He is the one  my sisters and I call for advice, for help, and for guidance. This time he needed us. We didn't hesitate. My sister, Lori, came to Florida with me, and our sisters from California were on call, just in case. It was a long first week followed by a lighter, more relaxed second week. The surgery was a success and my dad will be just fine. It's moments like these that you stop to think about life and what's important. You take time to feel grateful and make the most of every minute. I thought I would share some favorite photos that were taken this week. They are simple things that made us smile and things we enjoyed doing together. Happy Friday!

Favorite-Things-Florida (3)One of the greatest compliments I have ever been given was to be told I am just like my dad.

Favorite-Things-Florida (4)A trip to Sun Harvest Citrus for fresh Florida oranges.

Favorite-Things-Florida (5)Enjoying some of the best Gelato ever at Artisan Gelato by Norman Love in Ft. Myers. Almond Joy was the pick of the day.

Favorite-Things-Florida (2)Fresh strawberries that seem to taste better where the sun is shining.

Favorite-Things-Florida (6)We picked up some beautiful and delicious gourmet chocolates at Norman Love Confections in Ft Myers. It's become a regular stop when we visit.

Favorite-Things-Florida (1)Watching dad play Bocce with his Italian Club. It was the first activity we "allowed" him to participate in after his surgery. He probably can't wait until we leave!

Favorite-Things-Florida Enjoying a cocktail by the pool at the end of the day. Cheers to a successful trip!

The past two weeks have taught me a lot. I will travel home today, sad to leave my dad, but grateful for the time we spent together and grateful that I had the opportunity to help him when he needed it. Family is so important. Be thankful for the one you have each and every day!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie xo