Favorite Things

Favorite-Things-Easter (640x426)It's hard to believe it's almost April and Easter is just two days away! If you read Tuesdays post, you know I am a bit nostalgic, so it should be of no surprise to you that I might reminisce a bit more today. I can't help it! Holidays always bring back fun memories and I love reliving them! Easter is a religious holiday for most of us and in my house it is a priority to recognize the reason we celebrate this day. On the flip side, we are also celebrating with baskets of candy, colored eggs and family dinners. It's all part of the fun and for most kids that basket of goodies they find in the morning is the most exciting part of the weekend. I vividly remember hunting for our baskets Easter morning when I was a kid. They were wrapped in colored cellophane and filled with small toys and lots of awesome candy, most of which you would only see once a year. Even though my kids are grown, I will search for these favorites every Easter just for the fun of it! Happy Friday!

Favorite-Things-Easter-Candy (1)Spiced Jelly Beans ~ my absolute favorite!

Favorite-Things-Easter-Candy (2) Malted Milk Eggs ~ AKA Lipstick Eggs.  My sisters and I would paint our lips with these eggs when we were kids.

Favorite-Things-Easter-Candy (4)Candy Coated Marshmallow Eggs ~ harder to find each year but worth searching for!

Favorite-Things-Easter-Candy (5) Peeps ~ It's not Easter without traditional yellow chicks and pink bunnies.

Favorite-Things-Easter-Candy (6) Hershey's Milk Chocolate Eggs ~ there is just something about the shape that makes them taste better than kisses.

Favorite-Things-Easter-Candy (7)Hershey's Candy Coated Chocolate Eggs ~ Love these crunchy little chocolate eggs.

Favorite-Things-Easter-Candy (3)Chocolate Easter Bunny ~ No Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny. My favorite ones are the old fashioned unwrapped bunnies with candy eyes.

However you are spending your Easter holiday, make if fun and make it memorable! Have a wonderful  weekend!

Leslie xo