Favorite Things

Halloween seems to be in full swing this week. Parades are marching, kids are Trick-or-Treating and costume parties are going on. It's a fun time of year. I have fond memories of running through my neighborhood as a kid with my sisters on Halloween night. We wore our store bought costumes that came in a box and carried our plastic Halloween bags to collect our candy. It was simple and it was fun. The best part of the night was running home when Trick-or-Treat was over so we could dump out all of our loot and put it into piles to count it. My kids, although they wore cooler costumes, did the same thing. It was all about the candy! So as the celebrations continue and your sweet tooth starts calling, enjoy the season and have some fun! Halloween only comes once a year! I'll be digging into my favorites too! Happy Friday!

Black & Orange Gumdrops ~ a current favorite

Wax Bottles ~ back in the day

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ~ then & now

Black Licorice ~ always at the party

Sour Gummy Worms ~ believe it or not, a current favorite

Charms Blow Pops ~ always a great find in the Trick-or-Treat bag

Black, Orange & Yellow Jelly Beans ~ a forever favorite

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Leslie xo


Photos by Leslie Reese