Lemon & Sugar

Lemon and sugar have always been two of my favorite things. I think it all started years ago when my sisters and I were kids and spent most of our summer days hanging out at the pool. The snack bar at the pool had packets of lemon sugar that they would serve with the iced tea. We didn't drink iced tea then but we loved the lemon sugar. There was nothing like it and we ate it right out of the pack! We always found a way to get the snack bar attendant or one of the lifeguards who coached our swim team to go and grab some for us. It was a simple thing, but it was our thing and those summer memories are some of the best! In honor of our lemon sugar days I’m sharing some fun ideas that make serving lemon and sugar a little more interesting!

Slice off the top quarter of a lemon.  Hollow it out with a sharp knife or grapefruit spoon. Use a paper towel to soak up the extra lemon juice inside and dry the lemon. Discard the top.

Just before you are ready to set your table or serve your tea, fill the lemon with colored sugar. Place the filled lemon on a plate and add a small spoon for serving.

Another fun option is to make sugared lemon slices. Cut a lemon into wedges or slices, whichever you prefer. I typically like to use wedges when I’m serving drinks simply because a wedge is easier to squeeze than a slice. For the sake of looking pretty I used slices this time.

Blot the lemons on a paper towel so they are slightly dry. Dip the top edge of the lemon into colored sugar and place on a plate to serve.

 Now you can see how adding one little thing, like colored sugar, can make such a difference!


Photos by Leslie Reese