Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a funny thing. When we are little we anticipate parties, friends, cake and presents. We get excited to be one year older and we count the days until our next big day. As we grow older we don’t necessarily want a party, we don’t need presents, we eat much less cake and we don’t want to admit to our friends how old we are. But there is always a reason to celebrate, and that’s why I love birthdays!

One of the things that I celebrate each year is the fact that I am lucky enough to have a twin sister. Her name is Linda. She is my soul sister and my best friend. Every year we celebrate our special day together. If we can’t actually be together we call each other all day long and celebrate from a distance. She is amazing and I love her.

I love being a twin. We had so much fun growing up. We are fraternal twins but people still couldn't tell us apart when we were little. I think it was because our mother dressed us alike and gave us the same super cool haircuts (we love you mom!)

We have been close all of our lives and have always been best buddies. For that I am truly grateful. I love this picture. It's old so it's not the best quality but it speaks volumes!

Birthdays in our house were always fun. We would have a joint birthday party but there were always two cakes. We loved having our own cake! And we always, always wore a birthday hat! That was standard birthday attire in our family!

When we get the chance to celebrate together we like to do something special. This was our 40th birthday. We spent it together at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Florida. It was a wonderful trip and it made turning 40 a lot less painful!

In my family it doesn’t matter how old you are, if it is your birthday you will be celebrated! It will be a big deal and you will feel special. It’s just what we do. My mother always made each one of us feel special on our birthday. It made us realize we were loved but it also made us realize that it was important to celebrate and appreciate the people in our lives. It gave me something to pass along to my children and to this day we make a big deal out of birthdays…no matter how old you are!

When my kids were little, on the night before their birthday, I would sneak into their room and put balloons all over the floor. It gave them something to smile about as soon as they woke up. I still do it if they are home on their birthday.

I will also write Happy Birthday on the bathroom mirror at night so when they get up in the morning it’s the first thing they’ll see. (I use lipstick)

For me birthdays are about celebrating life, cherishing those around you and being grateful for all of the good things in life. Even if you haven’t had a great year for some reason, you have things to be thankful for and there are always things to celebrate! Your birthday is the perfect time to reflect on those things and look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

Take time to celebrate the people in your life whenever you can. Remember it’s the little things that make a difference, so whether it’s simply remembering to say happy birthday or filling a room with balloons, you will be making someone smile and that just feels good!

Cheers and Happy Birthday to my twin sister Linda! May you have a beautiful day and fabulous year! Xoxo Leslie


Photos by and property of Leslie Reese