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Emerson Turns ONE!Emerson's First Birthday Party (9)Hello! Yes, it's me! I'm actually posting something! And yes, it's been months...too many months but hey, better late than never right? I figured it doesn't need to be all or nothing and as inconsistent as it is, I refuse to give up the blog! So, if I have something to share and if I can find the time, you will see a post! Look at it as a little surprise in your day!

So while we're on the subject of surprises and celebrations, I thought I would share a very special first birthday party with you. My sweet little granddaughter Emerson turned one in May and her very creative mommy planned a party to remember! You know I absolutely love parties and this one was as cute as they get!  It was a celebration fit for a little princess with pretty flowers, pink and gold accents, girly party food and a chandelier....because every birthday girl needs her own chandelier! I'm sharing some of my favorite photos from the day. Happy Friday!

First Birthday Party via lesliereese.com Pretty tables topped with Gold Chevron, a sprinkle of Metallic Confetti  and Pink Peonies.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (1)Satin Ribbon in shades of Pink and Gold Glitter tied loosely around Emerson's birthday chair.

Emerson's First Birthday PartyWooden letters O N E and a petite chandelier to decorate the birthday table.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (11)Pink Lemonade and Strawberry flavored water station.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (15)Gold Stripe and Pink Polka Dot straws.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (5)The food was designed around small bites. The Yogurt Bar was my personal favorite.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (4)Mini Smoothie Shots topped with Raspberries.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (3)Heart shaped Peanut Butter & Jelly/Marshmallow Sandwiches ~ A birthday girl favorite.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (10)A Pink and Gold Birthday Cake by Kyrsten's Sweet Designs ~ Perfection!

Emerson's First Birthday Party (7)Of course Emerson had her very own cake!

Emerson's First Birthday Party (8)This very serious Birthday Girl was rather cautious with her cake. If you could only see her view! There was quite a crowd watching her (should have captured that pic!).

Emerson's First Birthday Party (6)Pink Chevron and Gold Goody Bags ~ Filled with candy of course.

Emerson's First Birthday Party (13)A truly special day for a happy little birthday girl!

What a wonderful time we all had! It was so much fun to watch the wonder in Emerson's eyes as we ooohhhed and ahhhhed over her first birthday celebration. This is a great life and I'm happy to be living it!  And I am especially grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of these fun times! I hope you are all having a beautiful summer and enjoying the special times that are happening now with your family and friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie xo

Favorite Things

Happy BirthdayIn my family, spring is the season for birthdays. We have so many to celebrate and it seems like every few days we are singing to someone. By now you know I love a party, so having so many opportunities to make people feel special is something I look forward to. Some of the people I love are close by and some of them are far away. All of their birthdays are special to me. So for the ones that are close by, I might make cupcakes or buy balloons. For the ones that are far away, a card, small package or a simple phone call might do. The point is to celebrate! This week I thought I would share a few of my favorite birthday photos. Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday (1)Bake Cupcakes!

Happy Birthday (2)Throw Confetti!

Happy Birthday (3)Send Cards ~ these cards came from all over for my son's recent birthday. Family rocks!

Happy Birthday (4)Blow Up Balloons!

Happy Birthday (5)Light Candles and Sing!

Everyone deserves to be celebrated so if you had a birthday recently, I hope it was happy! If you have a birthday coming up, Happy Birthday to you! May your day be as special as you are! Celebrate the people in your life whether they are near or far. The smallest gesture just might make someone's day!


Leslie xo

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a funny thing. When we are little we anticipate parties, friends, cake and presents. We get excited to be one year older and we count the days until our next big day. As we grow older we don’t necessarily want a party, we don’t need presents, we eat much less cake and we don’t want to admit to our friends how old we are. But there is always a reason to celebrate, and that’s why I love birthdays!

One of the things that I celebrate each year is the fact that I am lucky enough to have a twin sister. Her name is Linda. She is my soul sister and my best friend. Every year we celebrate our special day together. If we can’t actually be together we call each other all day long and celebrate from a distance. She is amazing and I love her.

I love being a twin. We had so much fun growing up. We are fraternal twins but people still couldn't tell us apart when we were little. I think it was because our mother dressed us alike and gave us the same super cool haircuts (we love you mom!)

We have been close all of our lives and have always been best buddies. For that I am truly grateful. I love this picture. It's old so it's not the best quality but it speaks volumes!

Birthdays in our house were always fun. We would have a joint birthday party but there were always two cakes. We loved having our own cake! And we always, always wore a birthday hat! That was standard birthday attire in our family!

When we get the chance to celebrate together we like to do something special. This was our 40th birthday. We spent it together at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Florida. It was a wonderful trip and it made turning 40 a lot less painful!

In my family it doesn’t matter how old you are, if it is your birthday you will be celebrated! It will be a big deal and you will feel special. It’s just what we do. My mother always made each one of us feel special on our birthday. It made us realize we were loved but it also made us realize that it was important to celebrate and appreciate the people in our lives. It gave me something to pass along to my children and to this day we make a big deal out of birthdays…no matter how old you are!

When my kids were little, on the night before their birthday, I would sneak into their room and put balloons all over the floor. It gave them something to smile about as soon as they woke up. I still do it if they are home on their birthday.

I will also write Happy Birthday on the bathroom mirror at night so when they get up in the morning it’s the first thing they’ll see. (I use lipstick)

For me birthdays are about celebrating life, cherishing those around you and being grateful for all of the good things in life. Even if you haven’t had a great year for some reason, you have things to be thankful for and there are always things to celebrate! Your birthday is the perfect time to reflect on those things and look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

Take time to celebrate the people in your life whenever you can. Remember it’s the little things that make a difference, so whether it’s simply remembering to say happy birthday or filling a room with balloons, you will be making someone smile and that just feels good!

Cheers and Happy Birthday to my twin sister Linda! May you have a beautiful day and fabulous year! Xoxo Leslie


Photos by and property of Leslie Reese